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The Crying Angel Network

When I started my business almost 4 years ago, I thought it'd be easy or at least that I'd have it off the ground by year 2. Well, life had other plans for me. But that's okay because I have my Crying Angel Network to see me through.

Every woman, whether in business for herself, working for someone else or a stay at home mom, needs a Crying Angel Network. These are the women (or men) you call on when life has you by the throat. They don't judge you or put you down. They uplift you in prayer.

Sometimes, God needs to hear more than just your prayers. He needs to hear his daughter being uplifted and someone interceding for her. But as I've learned in my life's travels, you must be careful as to whom you bring into your circle. And, you must be careful as to who is praying for you. Not everyone is for you...no matter how carefully they weave the yarn.

Meditate and pray on whom to bring into your Crying Angel Network. Make sure whom you pick is FOR you no matter what and whom YOU are for no matter what. God didn't put us here to walk through this life alone. That's why He gave us Angels...to open the doors, carry us through and to intercede.

Love and blessings,

Rebekah L. Pierce, Publisher/Editor in Chief





2007-03-23 01:46:04 GMT
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