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June 23-24, 2007 marked a new growth in my faith in God. At his will and encouragement, I stepped out on faith and hosted a two day weekend retreat for women here in Richmond, VA. I had no money and barely any resources. I had never attempted to put together such an event, but He asked me and I did it. The weekend was not without drama because everything that could go wrong did...literally. From death to mishaps, we had it all.

But I made it through and my prayer for each woman who attended was heard and answered. Sometimes, it can be so hard to hear God and follow his plans for you because we cannot see the end result. It's uncomfortable to step out of our comfort zone or to put ourselves in the forefront. But when I tell you, ladies, that God honors you when you do His will and keep your focus, know that it is TRUE.

Susan L. Taylor told us to "See God in everything." What a revelation for me. I was so overwhelmed by all that was happening that I barely had time to see him. But when it all ended and I had time to reflect, God was everywhere that weekend. In the faces of the smiling women and even in the faces of the some frowning vendors - God was everywhere.

I learned this past weekend to keep my focus and to listen to Him and not the naysayers. I cannot please everyone and I'd be a fool to try. The only person that I should aim to please is God because he made me, he loves me and he made me purposeful. I am here with a purpose and I accept that on good days and bad.

I wish that I could say my company made thousands off of the retreat and that we are out of debt, but it's not so. We are something even better: we are now in the hearts and spirits of women who now Know that God can do anything with anyone.

I had a vision in my meditation this morning of riding on an elevator to a top floor and when the doors opened I saw ice blue waters, breathless cypress trees, and the sweetest smell of pure nature. And standing in the middle of this forest of beauty was God. He stretched his hands out to me and I walked into them. He hugged me close to Him and he said, "I love you. Well done my daughter." We walked together holding hands for what seemed like forever and I felt the love through the grip of his hand and in the power of his voice.  I felt it in the time he spent with me.

When it was time for me to go, he turned me to him again and said, "I love you." I was filled with joy unimaginable. Somebody loved me. I got back into the elevator and when I turned around to see him one last time, he was gone. But his love and my joy stayed with me on the ride down, when I exited the elevator and walked into my purpose. God loves me. God loves you. And to all of you, ladies, who are stepping out on faith when the odds are stacked against you and you are walking, talking and breathing in faith, he says  to you, "Well done my daughter."

Rebekah L. Pierce, Publisher/Editor in Chief


2007-06-29 13:34:33 GMT
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Whatever problem is tackling you tell that problem I will be back...That mountain can't get any bigger but you can....Rebbekah Pierce is no average girl....Keep on growing!
--Rosalind Allen
2007-07-29 00:42:00 GMT
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