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I am Joy

I am Joy

By Rebekah L. Pierce

God called me today, although I thought I was calling Him. I was pulled to my knees to pray – a tug on my heart and womanly intuition called me to Him. He directed me to James 1-2. I read it. I needed it. Something had been waiting there for me and it was this: “faith without works is dead.” I had long since come to believe and know that God won’t bless you until you show Him your Faith in action. It is about action.

So, I followed my reading with meditation and in my meditation, I saw myself swinging on a swing and I immediately felt the love of joy in action. You see, God was pushing me on that swing with His Joy, His love. I love to swing because it’s the only time one can fly without wings; it’s just your own sheer momentum and laughter. Laughter! I remembered that feeling as I watched God push me. I felt that feeling as God pushed me and I began to cry as I do now while writing this. God stopped the swing – just for a second – and he whispered in my ear, “I am Joy.”

“I am Joy!” That’s the message for you and me today. I cried – and cry – because my spirit has gotten the message and my heart has embraced it like love lost and then returned. They – Spirit and Heart – had been “counting all joy,” and I had almost forgotten. I – me – Him – we – are Joy. If you and I can hold onto that today and forever, when the world has taken its fill of us – when it has told us we are nothing – we have nothing – when it deceives us into lamenting what was not ours in the first place – God says, “I am Joy!” Repeat it to yourself, write it down on an index card – carry it in your purse, or keep it in that most sacred place – your Spirit. “I am Joy!” This is your Faith…this is your works. I am Joy!


~ Copyright © 2007 Rebekah L. Pierce


2007-10-10 16:21:11 GMT
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