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The Wise Woman in Me

Proverbs 14:1 says, "The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands."

Are you the wise woman who is building her home with the knowledge and information gathered throughout 2007? Have you built your Crying Angel Network and used it to help you move through the valley?

Or are you the foolish woman who has ignored sound advice and shut out the Network because you feel that God has not answered any of your prayers so why bother?

I learned in 2007 that the "Superwoman" attitude nearly destroyed not only my joy, but my home. I cannot do everything and be everything to all people.

This was to be my year of completion and it was. I learned that I am a complete fool to try to do it all. I learned that giving it all completely to the Lord is a much wiser and safer thing to do because when I try to take over God's purpose for me, I completely mess it all up.

So, ladies, for 2008, take all that you have learned about yourself and life in 2007 and be a wise woman who builds her home. The devil is after us because if the woman is broken, then the home and all in it is destroyed. Don't let it happen! Don't pull down your home in 2008.

2008 is the year of WISDOM!

Rebekah L. Pierce, Editor in Chief, Average Girl Magazine

2007-12-20 15:25:28 GMT
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