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Prayer is a Two-Way Street Called Grace

I am being haunted or rather stalked by this verse: “You pray for me. I’ll pray for you, and watch God change things.”


            It has not only been playing over and over in my head like a broken record, but it seems like every time I turn on the radio, it’s there – playing in supersonic mode.

            You see, I’ve been praying for wisdom lately and here it is written down and made plain. We are not praying for one another…truly. We are so caught up in what’s happening in our little soap opera worlds that we have forgotten that prayer is a two-way street and that Grace is a prayer away.

            Today, I saw a man so drunk that he could hardly cross the street without being hit by oncoming cars. In fact, they slowed to let him cross...in both directions.  Now, how many of you have seen this same man or his sister and immediately shook your head in disgust? You said out loud or to yourself, “He/she should be ashamed.”

            Guess what? So should you! You see, when I saw that man, my soul and spirit cried out to him, not for him. And my spirit and soul sent a prayer to God that he’d get to his destination safely wherever it may be. Remember the old saying that God gives us what does not kill us, but what makes us stronger? I realized today what that really meant as I watched that man stumble across the street. God didn’t give me his affliction because I could not have handled it. It would have killed me.

            Wisdom is teaching me that I can no longer lament my troubles because they were made for me. Instead, I will pray for you and ask that you pray for me because I want to see God change things…for you. Grace is the end result of someone’s prayer for you. Grace is also when you recognize this and offer a prayer back in supplication.

            I am praying for your womb, your business, your marriage, your health. I am praying that we pass one another on that two-way street…called Grace.


~Rebekah L. Pierce

2008-04-08 02:00:47 GMT
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