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Lamentations on Saying "Thank You"

Has anyone ever given you a compliment and instead of saying, "Thank you," you go into a list of reasons why you don't deserve the compliment? From "This old thing?" to "Girl, please. If you only knew the real story," we - as in most women - are not good at accepting compliments or kudos.


I remember when growing up, my mother worked so hard on teaching me how to say "thank you" to a compliment. Self-degradation does not win too many friends or repeat compliments. When will we shut down the negative programming in our heads that tells us we are not worthy...of anything?


I am working hard at affirming my existence and my right to be here everyday. I tell myself repeatedly that I am a beautiful woman with a wonderful blessing on my life. I am worthy. I am reprogramming my self-esteem.


So, here's my challenge to you. For one week, start your day and end the day by looking at yourself in a mirror and repeating outloud to yourself, "I am worthy. I am a beautiful woman with a wonderful blessing on my life."  I guarantee that by the end of the week, you will receive a compliment from someone because there will be a noticable change in your spirit. And this time, instead of responding with the tried and true negative rebuttal, you will say "Thank you" and feel so darn good about yourself. Sometimes all it takes is to "See" yourself and "Hear" yourself to believe in yourself. 


Email me your week's outcome and I will send you a free copy of my new motivational cd, "Inspiration Corner with Rebekah Pierce." You can do it!


~Rebekah L. Pierce is the Publisher/Editor in Chief of Average Girl Magazine. Visit www.averagegirlmagazine.com or www.rebekahpierce.synthasite.com.

2009-01-07 02:35:25 GMT
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