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We are the road map to a balanced life for the woman coming into her "own-ness."
From Poverty to Purpose

I have definitely defied the odds and can speak from experience that “it’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going! Growing up poor in Stockton, CA with limited resources, I fought hard for the opportunity to attend college and barely escaped the hands of death at the age of eighteen when I attempted to take my own life to flee the harsh road and lies that were whispered into my spirit about my self-worth. My mother’s hard work and struggle to give my siblings and I better opportunities superceded those lies and gave me the strength to press on and become the women I am today. As an African-American military veteran and prevailing entrepreneur, I know that my purpose is to give a voice to women from all walks of life through the pages of my publication, Average Girl Magazine.

So what’s yours? What steps have you taken to pursue your purpose? There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says: “Ambition knows no obstacles.” I think 2007 is the best time to be ambitious. Get started on your purpose plan today and don’t let your past be the roadblock to your purpose-driven life.

~Rebekah L. Pierce, Publisher/Editor in Chief of Average Girl Magazine. Average Girl Magazine is the road map to a balanced life for the woman coming into her “own-ness.” Visit www.averagegirlmagazine.com to read our latest issue on faith.

2007-01-19 22:41:27 GMT
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