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Giving Up

Today was a day that every first stage entrepreneur dreads: hearing that your idea is great, but because you have no resources (i.e., money), you'll never make it happen. If I had a quarter for every time I heard that, I'd be able to buy a condominium...in the Hamptons.

 So, when does one "give up"? Or in business jargon, "when do you start executing your exit strategy"? When every door closes in your face? When you turn off your cell phone to avoid the bill collectors? When your spouse starts to give you that "this is bull*&^%" look?

I will admit that I do feel like giving up. I think aloud everyday about going back to work for someone else because at least then I'd have a steady paycheck and health insurance and the coveted 401 (k). But then my spirit would die and that scares me more than not having a paycheck. I must be an alien. Why else would I risk my security to save my spirit.

What do you think? Email me your thoughts to:  editor@averagegirlmagazine.com. I can't be the only alien here on Earth.


2007-02-21 01:22:34 GMT
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