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When God Says Yes, It's Time to Let It Go

Last week was again very trying for me and my Faith. With bill collectors abound and pressure from home to get "a real job," I was ready to run for the hills  to never be seen again.

My problem is I let my worries get the best of me sometimes. I can't seem to only focus on the day's problems. I think about weeks of problems. But there's a verse that crept into my spirit the other day when I was yet again lamenting about my dilemmas: "Sufficient for the day is its own trouble" ( Matthew 6:34).

So, guess what I did? I let the worries of tomorrow go and focused on that day and guess what happened? God heard my prayer for help. He sent someone I hadn't heard from in over a year to help me.

You see, I am slowly beginning to truly realize that when God says yes, it's time to let the drama go. I can't take care of everything, but God can...when He's ready.  And we mortals must be patient.

This week, let it all go. Work on the day's trouble and keep in prayer about it. God will hear you, and even answer you.

Rebekah L. Pierce, Publisher/Editor in Chief



2007-03-04 19:41:56 GMT
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It is so important for us to remember that our troubles have a two-fold purpose ... on the one hand they are "allowed" so that we can be strengthened to fulfill purpose ... consider a bowl ... it is first formed ... and then put in the fire(kiln)to be hardened ... only after it has been hardened is it able to maintain it's shape through all kinds of "temperatures" ... THEN it is put to use ... but not before it has been through the fire ... on the other hand, troubles can also be a distraction sent by the enemy to divert our attention from completing the tasks assigned to us by God ... what we need to do is thoroughly examine the "trouble of the day" to determine why it has come upon us ... and then we need to literally declare that it will be,to us, a strengthening agent only and we will not allow it to divert our attention from fulfilling purpose ... because this is what life is all about: fulfilling divine purpose ... as crazy as it may sound, we need to change our perception of our troubles ... should we view them as a "good" thing? ... can we view them as a "good" thing? ... I say yes! ... question is, are you willing to do this?
--Felicia Dixon
2007-03-05 13:48:25 GMT
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