The Gift of Leadership and Legacy

By Vanessa Golson, Ph.D.


Today’s world, with its varying aspects of diversity, seems to be lacking in the transfer of the endowment of leadership and legacy. Leadership is shown in the influential ways that a leader has and shares when nurturing untapped skills and abilities, in directing others towards accomplishing goals and for assisting in establishing high standards. Basically, guiding others to their full potential.

The foundation of leadership is set in attributes such as beliefs, values, ethical standards, character and selflessness, trust, confidence, commitment, integrity, respect and assertiveness. Also, as stabilizing factors is enthusiasm, willingness to admit mistakes, being inclined towards open communication and the ability to voice and execute the vision.

The power of leadership can be determined by a leader continuing to pursue his or her education and training, then caring enough to disclose the experiences. Excellence in leadership is acquired by leaders who possess a strong sense of vision, passion, is able to encourage others to 100% commitment and to implement the necessary action to shift the vision into the realm of reality.

Everyday, our decisions and actions become the calculated sum that may determine the legacy left to family, community and those we encounter on the intersecting paths of life’s journey.

In Webster’s dictionary, legacy is defined as: a particular thing or certain sum of money given by last will or testament; anything handed down by an ancestor or predecessor. Thus, we all bequeath special contributions and gifts. Some being beautifully wrapped, some tattered around the edges. What influential items are you placing in your gift box? Is there love, honor, respect for self and others, acceptance, high expectation towards better, encouragement, spiritual guidance? Is it a gift worthy of remembrance and to be treasured forever? Is it about the money, homes, cars, jewels, private collections? Or is it about the emotional and spiritual strength that is imparted from one to another in words spoken, the truth in a touch or honesty of the heart?

Neither leadership nor legacy is taught from the structure of a course syllabus or pages of printed text. Both are learned by observation, set example and the desire to honor others through giving. The transfer comes from leaders who have allowed the struggles and sacrifices of life to elevate them to a place and position of courage, dedication, enrichment, profound influence and willingness to reach down; to raise up many, one by one, to a higher place of purposed readiness, to receive the essential transfer of the endowment of the gift of leadership and legacy.

True reflection will allow you to take inventory of what’s in your gift box.  What’s valuable to you?  How are you affecting the lives of others?  Will your life’s endowment be complete with valuable keepsakes that will be transferable and strengthen the lives of others?


~Vanessa Golson, Ph.D.; noted author and freelance writer in Norfolk, VA.


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