5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day A Little More Creatively

 12 days of romance

 Starting 11 days from Valentine’s Day, give your love little gifts everyday. For example:

  • Day 1 – A love poem

  • Day 2 – Two chocolates

  • Day 3 – Three love songs that mean something special to you either made onto a CD or with the lyrics written out on paper.

This continues until Valentine’s Day…remember be creative!

~ Dress up in your sexiest nightwear and prepare dinner together. Maybe you will make it through the entire meal. Maybe you won’t, but it will be fun finding out.

~ Have a Valentine Scavenger hunt leaving gifts and notes of why you love your partner all over the house.

~ Place signs and arrows on the walls around the house to create two different paths. Leave your love a note stating that if they chose the right path, you would be there at the end waiting. What your love doesn’t know is that both paths lead to the same place. When you are found, congratulate your love and let them know that no matter what path in life they choose, you will always be there.

~ Create a 5 star dining experience at home. On your way home, buy a meal. At home, set up a romantic ambience with candles, the good china, and soft music in the background. In a separate room, you should set it up for a night under the stars. At your local discount/toy store, you can find glow in the dark stars. Place those on your ceiling to create an “outside” feel. Once everything is set up, you both should put on beautiful eveningwear and enjoy a wonderful dinner without the hassle of leaving home. After dinner, you move into the “outside” room, put on some music, and just dance under the stars.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


~Katina Tobin is the founder of Divine Temptations. Visit www.divinetemptations.net for more Valentine’s Day and other romantic day ideas.


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