Eagle Thoughts 

The Awesomeness of LOVE!”

By Rhonda A. White, CNHP

”Love, a word that comes and goes, but few people really know what it means to really Love somebody…” (words from a song by Kirk Franklin)

 My father, the late Bishop Jesse White, had a funny childhood statement about Love that said, “Love is a funny thing, shaped like a lizard.  It begins in your backbone and ends in your ‘gizzard’.”  I often asked dad what in Heaven’s name was a ‘gizzard’ (smile)! I guess your gizzard is connected to your heart because if your Love is received, you feel good and if it is rejected, you feel terrible.

Many of us run from the Awesome experience called Love. Many embrace it, while others ABUSE it! Love is so divine, but we make it difficult and sometimes a hurting experience. Its divinity gives you true tranquility and cannot be bought or sold. Love endures all things, is patient, kind, always hopeful, never gives up or loses faith, keeps no record when wronged, is not rude, jealous, irritable, selfish or demands its own way, is not proud or arrogant, not boastful or fearful and most of all, LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!

Love is an Action word and requires you to Give (“For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE his only begotten son…” John 3:16). You can Give to someone without Loving them, but you cannot say you Love them and not Give to them! When you Love and Give, then you will truly Live. Giving gives you LIFE to want to Live. Love heals and does not kill someone’s spirit. The Word of God gives us many scriptures about Love and Giving. One of them states, in  I John 3:17 (NLT), “But if a person has enough money to Live well and sees a brother or sister in need and refuses to help them, how can the Love of God be in that person!”

There are so many ways to Give and Love, not just monetary wise. When you truly learn to Love and Give to yourself, then you will know how to Love and Give to others.

 From experience, sometimes we connect with those who don’t Love themselves, so they aren’t capable of Loving and Appreciating you or anyone else! So often our Love is taken for granted, neglected and abused, which may cause us to build a wall around our heart. But Love cannot be in a box. It was created to Flow from one heart to the next, so Don’t Stop the Flow! Don’t be scared to show Love or decide to Love someone.

My friends, let’s commit to bring an end to hurting one another (friends, family, mates, co-workers, church family, our employees, neighbors and etc.) and let’s start appreciating those who Truly Love us unconditionally! Treasure LOVE as you would expensive and precious jewels, for it is far more valuable than rubies or diamonds because it is Not Man-made, but GOD-MADE.

If you know someone today that Loves you unconditionally, buy him or her a card and some flowers and tell them you value their Love for you. Appreciate them and treat them with care as you want to be treated! If you are in a relationship with someone, possibly looking to get married to him or her, please, please STOP taking their Divine Love connection for granted. Do you really understand how miraculous it is for two individuals to decide to Love each other and the dynamic spiritual connection that takes place in the heavenlies? There have been men I met that were very wonderful, but I did not Love them like they Loved me; that divine connection was not there. No matter how I tried to connect with them, it wasn’t there. So, if you meet someone that is what you have prayed for, and you both look at each other as Gifts from God, please don’t be foolish. Love and thank God for them daily. You only have one life here on Earth, so enjoy and be happy!

 Thank God for the Awesomeness of His Love for you and the Love you have to share with others, until your journey is over in this life and you make your transition into the Eternal. Remember, LOVE answers ALL things and can win more battles than guns or fists, so show some Love every single day, for Love isn’t Love until you give it away! Always know God is Love, you are Love and you are Loved.  Remember also I love you, so be encouraged!

 Repeat this Daily EAGLE AFFIRMATION:

 “I am Divine Love and I now show Divine Love.  True Love is only from above, so I will never take it for granted anymore. Thank you God for those who Love me and for you Loving me unconditionally and Giving me Life more Abundantly!”

 Remember, you can and will make it, so enjoy this gift called Life. Begin to Create and Celebrate while you Wait!


  © 2005 Rhonda A. White ~Rhonda is the TV Show Host of “Soaring Eagles with Rhonda White,” and is referred to as a Master Catapult who has assisted many in Uncovering, Discovering and Launching their “Giant of Potential” within. She is the Author of Clean the Clutter, Before Tell Your Mother, and is one of the most sought-after Speakers in the areas of Self-Development, Relation-SHIPS, Consciousness changing, Motivation, Discovering Your  Passion/Purpose, Office Morale and in Health/Wholeness. Her unique style and methods are guaranteed to improve your professional, business and personal life, to help you Soar to Heights Unknown! Visit www.RhondaWhite.com.



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