Love The Skin You're In
By Dee Dee Boyette

 As an Image/Fashion Consultant, I meet so many women who want to know how to take better care of their skin. Your face is the first thing a person notices when they look at you. Yes, clothes are just as important, but you must start at the top and work your way down. Many people think that as long as you have the right colors, then you are good to go. Well, I am here to tell you that statement is just not true!

Imagine baking a cake. You try to mix it up the best you can, but it still has lumps in it. You put it in the oven anyway, but once the cake is done, the lumps are still there. Therefore, when you put the frosting on, the cake looks like a bumpy road. You have to think of your skin the same way. You cannot put make-up over bad skin. If we do not take care of our skin when it is beautiful and vibrant, we will regret it once the laugh lines, that are not so funny, start to appear.

The biggest mistake that a woman can make is washing her face with soap. The skin on your body is a thicker layer than the layer of skin on your face. You always should use a facial cleaner to wash your face and a moisturizer to protect and add moisture back to your skin. Soap and water dries your face out and will encourage wrinkles later on in life. Some wrinkles we can't do anything about, but why welcome them earlier than necessary!

Once your face is all clean, it is time to meet your perfect match. Foundation is essential to any skincare regimen. It protects your face from all of the pollutions that are in the air. Always choose a light foundation that doesn't feel heavy or thick. Remember, all foundations should be weightless. If you can feel it the entire time you have it on, run to the bathroom and wash it off. You want to look beautiful and confident. You can't do that if you are self-conscience about your face.

When it comes to colors, you want to select colors that match with the undertones in your skin. You don't want to put on colors that fight with your natural undertones. An image consultant or beauty specialist can help you to find out what colors look the most natural for you.

Remember to avoid excessive sun exposure and smoking. Smoking causes aging lines around the mouth and eyes. Take warm, quick showers. Do not take long, hot showers. It can dry your skin out. Use luke warm water instead. Also, try eating right and adding 30 minutes of exercise in during your day. You will be surprised at the small things that you can do to help improve your skin. Another rule to live by is to drink plenty of water. Water works wonders for your skin from the inside out.

Remember to have fun with it. Fashion and cosmetics go hand in hand, but style is all about having fun. You can create your own style that is a reflection of you and your personality, or you can get a little help from a professional. Whatever you do, always remember to love the skin you're in!


~Dee Dee Boyette; CEO/Style By Image in Hampton, VA. For questions or comments, email her at or visit



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