Naiomi Pitre’s
Broken Vows

There is never a dull moment in Broken Vows. It was a constant page-turner. Naiomi Pitre's writing abilities are undeniable. In her daring debut novel, Pitre collides head on with common taboos currently oppressing the African American community: lesbianism.

During a critical separation of two weeks, Dominic and Yvonne Long both seek comfort in their own adulterous affairs. Yvonne’s insidious relationship with her female red-headed secretary forces her to undergo serious retrospection. Is she gay or bisexual? More importantly, how can she go back to her husband after a delectable taste of the taboo?

I enjoyed every page of this book. Readers will have a difficult time putting this book down. Naiomi Pitre has written a steamy tale of betrayal, spousal abuse, low self-esteem, and true love. You will feel like you know the characters personally. Their emotions will become yours. This book has quickly become one of my favorites. It was full of suspense and surprises. Broken Vows is the "Best Read" of 2007, hands down.

~Tynysha R. Surles; Ferguson Literary Group Book Reviewer


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