The Pursuit of Happyness

Starring: Will Smith, Thandie Newton, and Jaden Smith

Overview: This is a story that had to have been told. Will Smith played Chris Gardner, a salesman trying to provide for his family when he got a grimace of what the possibility of working as a stockbroker could bring. Chris struggled to make ends meet, his marriage fell apart and under no circumstances was he going to be separated from his son. After his wife left him and their son, he became homeless while still trying to sell portable bone density machines and working as an intern at a stock brokerage firm. He led a double life in his constant pursuit for the elusive happiness: stock broker (an intern with no salary) during the day and homeless man sleeping in shelters, bus station bathrooms, etc. at night. Because of his situation, he had to work twice as hard in order to get off from work and pick up his son so they could wait in line for a bed.

When Chris called his wife weak for leaving, you can feel for both of them. The constant struggle for financial happiness and not believing in her husband, made his wife realize that there was more than financial happiness missing. She was just not happy with him, period, for many other personal reasons that were not really shared in the movie. But her obvious unhappiness with Chris was clear.

I enjoyed this movie. Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, were magnificent in this piece. While watching this movie, I forgot I was watching Will Smith act. For a moment, it was like I was watching the actual person trying to get a break in life. This movie is what you might call a tear jerker. The emotion I felt while watching Will perform was profound. The pursuit of happiness may have its upís and down, but watching this single dad struggle pulled on your heart strings. Even the chemistry between Will and Jaden was obvious. Jaden was a natural.

Rating: I do recommend this movie, but have plenty of tissue. I give it  **** out of 5.


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