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Five Things You Need to Ask Before You Say “I Do”
By Leslie Eddington

 New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are the most popular days for “popping the question.” In fact, they are probably the most romantic days to ask the most romantic, life-changing question. A girl’s life is never the same if she says, “I do,” literally and metaphorically. But before you say those two most important words, there are a few questions you need to ask your husband to be.  

  • FICA Scores – These numbers can impact your ability to purchase a home or a car and even secure affordable insurance for the two

  • Driving Record – Believe it or not, your soon to be spouse’s driving record can not only impact your ability to obtain affordable car insurance, but it can even impact your credit rating (FICA Score). In VA, you inherit your spouse’s driving record and that could be good news or bad news.

  • Student Loans – If his loans are in default, this can impact your ability to get a loan to purchase a home or car. There are too many stories of women who got married only to find out too late that they couldn’t purchase a home because their spouse owed $30,000 in student loans and he’s in default.

  • Inheritance – This may sound crazy, but what happens if you come into a large sum of money the first, second or even fifth year of your marriage? Will he have a legal right to half of your inheritance?

  • Background Check – I saw a talk show episode where a man had the host call his girlfriend to tell her that he had spent 4 years in a prison upstate for drug trafficking instead of working as he had originally told her. You do not want to be told this kind of information on national television let alone after you said, “I do.”

 This may all seem a little trivial or even petty, but the fact is, we see far too many women are discovering these facts after the wedding. It turns out, Mr. Right was Mr. Wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that could save you from heartache and even more importantly, from having a bright, secure future.


~Leslie Eddington; General Manager of Tiffanys Bridal in Richmond, VA.



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