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Featured Articles - Sept/Oct 2008

Health & Wellness

Leap of Faith
Anyone who has achieved anything significant in their life, took a “leap of faith” that propelled them beyond the achievements of others. It’s this distinguishing characteristic that separates high achievers from their peers. It takes great courage to test the unknown!
Do you have the courage to take a “leap of faith”? Your decision to search for something larger than yourself and to trust in the process of finding the truth is the ultimate test of your faith in your own transformation to a higher level. Those defining moments create your unique legacy that forever will change your life.

Fire Your Representative!
I have been married for nine years, and I am being real honest with you when I tell you that the first seven years where HELL! My husband and I didn’t really talk to one another or share our thoughts and dreams, so when things went awry, well, you can imagine the tempers having their say. In short, we cut each other deeply with our words and the reactive actions that soon followed those heated fights…to the point where we ended up in marriage counseling.


Rhonda A. White, CNHP, “The INNERgizer”A Helping Hand
I remember a day, not too long ago, that I ran into a high school classmate whom I had not seen since high school graduation back in 1987. We were waiting in line for lunch.  She was neatly dressed, in shape--very stylish. Not one to shy from conversation, I asked her how life had been treating her all these years. The response I got was, “FANTASTIC!  Things couldn’t be better!” I replied to her, “Wow, you’re lucky ‘cause it kicks me in the dirt every chance it gets.” She then leaned in close to me and whispered, “Me, too.”

Women & Finance

Be President of Your Own Fan Club
Years ago, I attended a workshop facilitated by Bill Hybels, pastor of a mega church in Illinois. Bill talked about discovering your passion. He said that your passion is something that you just can’t stop thinking about. My translation of that was something that GOD won’t leave you alone about. With that as my definition, it took me five minutes to discover my passion. My passion is teaching women how to celebrate the things about them that are wonderful. That was how “Finding Your Beauty Workshop” was born.

Financial Strategies For Women in Their 40s
Many women in their 40s are reaching new plateaus in their lives – personally and professionally – and focusing more on themselves. After all, the kids are getting more self-sufficient, careers are becoming more established and income is on the rise and stable for many.  In a perfect world, forty-something women would use their financial earning power and wisdom to channel their finances into building a good retirement nest egg.

Five Ways to Save on Energy Costs
The average American household spends $1,900 a year on energy bills, according to the government’s ENERGY STAR program. Whether you’re preparing for the heat of  summer or for winter’s frigid temperatures — or looking to lower your gasoline expenses — there are many practical ways to cut down on costs, according to the Virginia Society of CPAs. And when you reduce your energy use, the environment benefits from lower greenhouse gas emissions. The tips below will help you save money and do the earth a favor.


Jobs & Careers

How to Make a Fortune With a Love Story
I’d like you to think about a company that you do business with that you absolutely love. Not one you just like, but one that you love to buy from. It could be a product supplier such as a clothing store or car dealer or a service provider like an insurance company or restaurant. Think of an interaction you’ve had with that company that stands out in your mind as a great customer experience. What did they do and say that made it so wonderful?  Think hard and I’ll tell you why that interaction can make you a fortune. 

7 Secrets to Work Life Sanity
Do you ever feel like Wonder Woman? I have. As a woman juggling a ton of things, I’ve wondered “what the heck happened to my life?” 
In fact, there have been times when I wondered if I had much of a “life” at all.
You know what I mean. As a woman you play multiple roles. You’re a daughter, grand daughter, sister, niece, girlfriend, wife, business woman, gal pal, volunteer….and sometimes community leader, politician, or in the ministry. And you’re exhausted! You want to do it all and do it all well. You don’t want to let anyone down, and yet you’re loosing it. Okay, so maybe you don’t need to be checked into to a hospital, but your energy and enthusiasm is slipping, your health is waning, and you wonder if you can keep it all together.

Books & Stuff

Kate CassidyEntertainment News: Kate Cassidy

So how does a young woman find her own identity when her father is the sexy 70s icon, David Cassidy? Check out our interview with Kate Cassidy, an up and coming actress in Hollywood who is striving to bring her own “A game” to the table.
Average Girl Magazine:
How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Kate Cassidy:
I was in theatre as a child and I wanted to pursue an acting career at a young age, but it was important to me to do it on my own without any help from my father. Then, when I was in high school, my sister was working at a Talent Management company and she mentioned to them that her younger sister was interested in acting professionally. Shortly after that, I took a meeting with one of the managers at the company, Doreen Wilcox, who I have been with ever since!

My Grandfather's Son by Clarence ThomasBook Review: My Grandfather's Son by Clarence Thomas
Memoirs are some of the most interesting books a person will ever read. Famous and no-so-famous people choose to open their lives for the world to see inside. We become transfixed and awed about how they lived and what they did, and we form an opinion for good or bad about the true-to-life characters. Clarence Thomas’s book, My Grandfather’s Son, is no different from any other memoir in that regard. I was awed and shocked; I cried and laughed. I became angry with injustices and sad at how things occurred in his life. I was moved and that makes a memoir memorable. This is a story of more than getting to the top with hard work and determination. It is a story of love and hate, regret and resolve, bigotry and race conciliation

Inspiration Corner

Sisterhood of Traveling Playwrights
They came from far and wide-
Called to pontificate on the
Joys and Pains of
Writing to tell the other side-
of the story.

...And a Child Shall Lead Them
Listening in on a conversation between a couple of old heads about the times and it was their feeling that it's time to start talking about alternatives to capitalism and my immediate reaction was, it's a long way beyond time to start "talking" about alternatives to capitalism. We don't live in an "either / or" world.  Fact is, the American poor already live in a socialist state and it ain't pretty




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